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On August 4 2005, residents complained McMurray's children were part of a group pulling out trees and hedges and kicking down fencing.
Manageress Eileen Downey said: "One of my duty managers saw the man kicking down a guest's door on the fourth floor and leaving with a handbag and a camera.
Quinones had recently been arrested by Dallas police on a kidnapping charge after kicking down the door of a residence and dragging his ex-wife to his car.
With Billabong kicking down $250 grand to whomever surfs the biggest wave over the next three years (plus an additional $250 Gs if someone snags a 100-footer), the $55,000 combined purse offered at Cleveland's leg of the Vans Triple Crown seems like mere chump change.
It saw an estimated 1,500 officers kicking down the front doors at the homes of suspects across Britain and in 11 other countries - at exactly 4am GMT on September 2, 1998.
Both Butler and Mosley gave kudos to McMillan's Waiting to Exhale for kicking down a few publishing doors for other black writers, (Mosley recalled the difficulty in selling his work in the 1980s, "PTM, pre-Terry McMillan.
But police officers do not do a good job in telling the public what they do, and the result is that far too many citizens, engorged by "reality" shows on the networks, believe that police spend their days kicking down doors and blasting away at Uzi-toting drug lords.
AIDEN McGEADY could face a police probe in Russia after allegedly kicking down a dressing room door when he saw red in a game.