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After she was found, the girl chose to continue using the name given to her by the kidnapper.
That the kidnappers had snatched Ruby's mobile phone and used it to make calls for ransom gave the police more reason to doubt the Chaurasias.
Ayyoubi reportedly told the kidnapper that he would pay the ransom at Dora roundabout in Beirut.
To counteract the kidnappers, staff at PGN formed the Rudie Freedom Fighters and entered into negotiations.
Their kidnappers, a previously unknown insurgent group calling themselves the Swords of Righteousness Brigade, demanded the release of a]] Iraqi prisoners being held by coalition forces.
The kidnappers of an Italian aid worker in Afghanistan issued Wednesday a set of demands for releasing the woman, Afghan Islamic Press reported.
China's Ambassador to Guinea-Bissau Gao Kexiang and two embassy employees were kidnapped by four armed men while on their way home Monday night and were later rescued after a gunbattle between the kidnappers and the local police, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said Wednesday.
The kidnapper later telephoned the Nagahara family in the town of Daimon to tell the woman to bring with her a 10 million yen ransom, the sources said.
In the second incident, taking place at Sewra Chowk here, people subjected another alleged kidnapper to torture, and later on handed him over to the police.
After a two-hour chase, the kidnappers were cornered at Malong, Lamitan City, but they resisted arrest, prompting police and military men to shoot at the kidnapper at the back of the motorbike, said Pama.