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Control Risks advises that any ransom demand should be treated as an actual kidnapping, until it is proven to be a hoax, and that anyone who is contacted for a ransom payment should seek professional advice.
Reports from independent initiatives to help counter the issue suggest there were approximately 300 reports of child kidnappings in 2015, with 50 of these cases proven to be criminal kidnappings.
The incident is not the first mass kidnapping in Syria, where large groups of Kurds and Christians have been held, mostly by Al-Nusra's extremist rival, the Islamic State group.
Some of those accused of kidnappings turned themselves in," said Ali Al-Ghalisi, the press secretary of Marib governorate.
He also charged that the rules seem to be powerless and helpless, and adding he said that the incident of kidnapping of the personality like Arbab Abdul Zahir Kasi has exposed them as well.
Reacting strongly to reports of police carrying out raids on his ashram in Haridwar, where they reportedly rescued a man who had been kidnapped, Ramdev said that the whole kidnapping episode was a sham, and added that the 'kidnapped' man was a thief who had stolen money from the ashram.
Iran tends to kill two birds with one stone with operations like the kidnapping of the pilots.
A previously unheard of group last week claimed responsibility for the kidnapping in an e-mail message to a Lebanese website but authorities have not authenticated the claim.
In March, he is accused of kidnapping and raping a woman twice.
Based on information gathered from the government, private organizations, the media, and kidnap victims themselves, at least 138 kidnapping cases occurred last year, according to Pacific Strategies & Assessments, which specializes in Asian risk.
On July 8, Haji Fawad, a resident of Sector F-6/2, lodged a first information report (FIR) with Kohsar Police Station that someone was threatening him of kidnapping on phone, demanding Rs 4 million.
Lebanese Interior Minister Ziad Baroud held a news conference on Friday, announcing the kidnapping and then freeing of a Saudi Arabian girl, the Beirut daily AN NAHAR reported Saturday.