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Relation by blood or consanguinity; relatives by birth.

The term kin is ordinarily applied to relationships through ties of blood; however, it is sometimes used generally to include family relationships by affinity.

Kindred is a synonym for kin.


n. blood relative.


noun affiliation, blood relation, blood relative, distant relative, family, family ties, ilk, kindred, kinship, line, lineage, near relation, next of kin, relation, reeation through ties of blood, relationship through consannuinity, relative, sibling, stock
Associated concepts: next of kin
See also: descendant, descent, family, house, kindred, kinship, lineage, next of kin, relation, relative
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The qualitative interview started with questions about thoughts and feelings that the next of kin had had since the person with MS got the diagnosis (Liedstrom et al.
Some kin and fictive kin relationships occurred because the parent or primary caregiver failed to nurture the ACOAs, hence the ACOAs did not establish bonds with their parents or the relationships developed late.
And it's their own experiences that make KIN stand out, both personally and musically.
A central database will enable clerks of the course to access details of next of kin for all jockeys, including amateurs, licensed in Britain.
Dudley and File collected seeds from the beach and planted them in groups of kin or non-kin.
Of 410 corpses at the facility during May 21-28, 29 percent were pending identification or identification of next of kin, while 38 percent were retained pending a response from next of kin regarding final disposition, Janssen wrote in his report.
Keywords: family, crack, black, foster care, kin networks, poverty, innercity
But the majority of the records of non-famous Americans will be available only to the veterans or their next of kin, he said.
By model and practice, families nested children in webs of relationships, sanctified through kin or kin-like (idiomatic kin) moralities.
Doing a Bollywood number with Jack Davenport who plays my son-in-law in ITV's drama series Next of Kin ," Azmi wrote.
Raebareli (Uttar Pradesh) [India], November 2 ( ANI ): Union Minister of State for Power R K Singh on Thursday announced Rs 20 lakh ex-gratia to the next of kin of those killed in the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) plant explosion here.