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Collaborating For Change In drafting the petition, KIND sought support and advice from leading nutrition experts.
To donate to the KIND Christmas appeal, send a cheque (made payable to KIND) to their office at 19 Back Canning Street, L8 7PB or donate online.
Presumably, Aristotle means that we do not have a greatest kind when the form in question lacks differences that would support the identification of subordinate forms, i.
However, the authorities were often unclear as to the exact role state law played in determining whether properties at issue were of a like kind, and which state law was relevant (e.
Which kind of sucks because I guess that means I'm going to have to play the McGill character.
But after working for many years for some of the most prestigious architectural practices in the city--FXFowle Architects, among them--he was ready for the kind of opportunity Magnusson Architecture had to offer.
Whether intangible personal property is of a like kind to other intangible personal property generally depends on (i) the nature or character of the rights involved (e.
Editorial miscalculation number one: Taking the conversation too seriously, we removed these telling passages, which would have offered a kind of absurd truth about the art world and, more generally, about fundamentally changed modes of "communication.
With her plump breasts and rounded belly, Wender is not the kind of dancer we're used to seeing in the buff.
First, so far no results of any kind can be attributed to the use of embryonic cells; and, secondly, as Father Michael Prieur, a moral theologian at St.