kind act

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A kind act," replied the Ostrich, "is its own reward; I have eaten the keys.
Somehow the kind act finished her despondency, and when all the rest went to show themselves to Mrs.
Polly danced all over the room, Bess and Becky hugged one another, and Kate laughed with her eyes full, while even Fanny felt a glow of, pride and pleasure at the kind act.
said Maggie, starting up with a smile of pleased recognition, for there had been no abundance of kind acts to efface the recollection of Bob's generosity; "I'm so glad to see you.
So the virtuous elephant who had waited temperately and done kind acts was relieved, at the appointed time, by the very calf whom he had turned aside to cherish - let all listen to the Tataka
Miss Beech has now launched an appeal to find the man so she can reward him for his kind act - and plans on helping out at the soup kitchen with some donations, too.
She was given only a slim chance of survival but her health has made a remarkable improvement - inspiring charity One Kind Act toraise thousands of poundsfor those suffering with brain trauma.
We have a long way to go, especially now, since it is the winter season and our efforts to save lives need to be multiplied but every kind act matters and for this we are grateful.
His family is thankful to the kind act of Umar Al Farooq and his friends, which helped them get his friend back.
Every kind act each member does is voluntary, Tay adds.
She told Gulf News that some members in the group were inspired after reading about Surumi's kind act.