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'Soft-shelled animals', for example, would meet this condition just in so far as it contains intermediate kinds, including the kind of the crabs that contain multiple forms, i.e., spider crabs, Heracleotic crabs, and the rest.
Any kind of interest in any kind of property.* See Idaho Code [section][section]68-801 through 68-825.
The answer is that she's the kind of mother who found it easy to lie to Mark, 31, and Anthony, 29, about the death of their father.
There are a lot of conscious acts out there, but they don't get the kind of exposure that bling artists get.
But when I came in contact with a real person who loved the church, who loved the Lord, who loved me, I had to just say, "Hey, I have got to back up and rethink and regroup." And it wasn't a dramatic kind of thing.
I have a dozen reports and studies open on my computer right now showing a kind of desperate enthusiasm for the new approach.
With the right kind of structure, staffing and workflow functioning correctly, the audit committee should be relying on the scope of work of the internal auditors to assess the organization and provide open, honest, assessments.
And Joseph Lengeling is the kind of architect who likes to think in terms of the bigger picture--his background is in master planning and his expertise is invaluable when Magnusson is working on a mixed-use community, the kind of project the firm has been doing more and more lately.
I wonder whether embracing full force a kind of designer attitude is really going to make us better parents and better families.
WITH EVERY DECEMBER ISSUE of Artforum there is the vague temptation to complement the cornucopia of "best of" accolades with a "top ten" of editorial regrets, a kind of modest, residual hot list comprising all things missed, failed, or forgotten--a minor literature of might-have-beens.
And, though no two definitions are alike, most scholars seem to agree that the term suggests some kind of challenge to commonsense notions of life, of culture, and of identity.