kind office

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While she was doing this kind office one of her cheeses fell out of the basket, and rolled down the hill.
There is nobody in Highbury who deserves himand he has been here a whole year, and has fitted up his house so comfortably, that it would be a shame to have him single any longerand I thought when he was joining their hands today, he looked so very much as if he would like to have the same kind office done for him
A kind office,' said the little gentleman, nodding to Nell as she curtseyed to him.
Struggles was selected to do the same kind office for the hitherto unconquered Podder.
He is lively, and seems clever, and when I have inspired him with greater respect for me than his sister's kind offices have implanted, he may be an agreeable flirt.
The Emperor of Abyssinia endeavoured by large offers to obtain their liberty, but his kind offices had no other effect than to heighten the rage of the king of Zeila.
Your kind offices will set all right: he is the only man I ever did or could love, and I trust you will convince him of it.
But, as the law hath foolishly omitted this office of vice-husband, or guardian to an eloped lady, and as malice is apt to denominate him by a more disagreeable appellation, it was concluded that his lordship should perform all such kind offices to the lady in secret, and without publickly assuming the character of her protector.
If it had not been for the kind offices of a lady who had been at the meeting, and who charitably called in at one or two houses and explained the reason of all this preparation, there would have been no sleep in many families.
They inherit, too, a fund of civility and complaisance; and, instead of that hardness and grossness which men in laborious life are apt to indulge towards each other, they are mutually obliging and accommodating; interchanging kind offices, yielding each other assistance and comfort in every emergency, and using the familiar appellations of "cousin" and "brother" when there is in fact no relationship.
Nor was Eva less zealous in kind offices, in return.
He too had his book, and was seeking Fanny, to ask her to rehearse with him, and help him to prepare for the evening, without knowing Miss Crawford to be in the house; and great was the joy and animation of being thus thrown together, of comparing schemes, and sympathising in praise of Fanny's kind offices.