kind person

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But Barney, eight, has been left homeless and Chris Walkden, manager of the RSPCA animal centre in Warrington, is appealing for a kind person to take him.
She appears to have been a lovely, caring, kind person who supported charities throughout her life.
I WISH to say "thanks very much" to the kind person who stuffed cartons of sour milk into a litter bin
He's such a kind person and very down to earth with his fans.
The family would like to say thank you to this very kind person.
He didn't always find school easy but was a kind person who was happy to help where he could.
I WOULD like to thank the kind person who found my handbag on the bus seat on Monday, July 21.
At lunch time a kind HCA offered water, the patient expressed joy and the kind person grabbed the empty water jug and began to walk.
I love Haifa Wehbe , she's a great artist and a wonderful, kind person," Kazem returned the favor, according to Laha Magazine.
She will be remembered as a sweet, kind person, a wonderful mother and grandmother to her family, and will be missed by all who knew her.
Boss Ravi Marripudi said: was "He was a kind person.
AS a naturally kind person I would never condone the cruel persecution of a poor dumb creature.