kind regard

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Please, if you should see him, give him your Little Dorrit's kind regard. He was very good to Little D.
In the meanwhile, Hawkeye, who looked on this burst of youthful feeling with a cool but kind regard made the following reply:
Remember me to him, and give our kind regards to his wife.
A faint sketch of the lines Time intended to engrave on Gertrude's brow appeared there as she read the letter; but she hastened to give the admiral's kind regards to her host and hostess, and discussed her mother's health feelingly with them.
Goggles, and tell him, `Pa's kind regards, and hopes his leg's better; and will he lend him his spirit-level?' And don't you go, Maria, because I shall want somebody to hold me the light; and when the girl comes back, she must go out again for a bit of picture-cord; and Tom!
"Mr Lenville presents his kind regards to Mr Johnson, and will feel obliged if he will inform him at what hour tomorrow morning it will be most convenient to him to meet Mr L.
"With Lady Clarinda's kind regards. To remind Major Fitz-David of his appointment." Another lady!
The charming mixed crayon illustrations convey the warmth and kind regard that Phantom inspired in his adoptive family.
Kind regards helen collin
Contact me on 0191 2533761 or email to Kind regards and all good wishes for 2019 COUN MURIEL GREEN, Weetslade Ward
"Kind regards, "Mark Robins, Coventry City Football Club."