kind treatment

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Blomefield, `My dear madam, you need not be anxious about the children; my old Merrylegs will take as much care of them as you or I could; I assure you I would not sell that pony for any money, he is so perfectly good-tempered and trustworthy;' and do you think I am such an ungrateful brute as to forget all the kind treatment I have had here for five years, and all the trust they place in me, and turn vicious because a couple of ignorant boys used me badly?
We set out from the kingdom of Dancali on the 15th of June, having taken our leave of the King, who after many excuses for everything that had happened, dismissed us with a present of a cow, and some provisions, desiring us to tell the Emperor of Aethiopia his father that we had met with kind treatment in his territories, a request which we did not at that time think it convenient to deny.
In the early part of their course, they touched again at several of the Nez Perce villages, where they had experienced such kind treatment on their way down.
I found that they were about like any other human beings; that they responded to kind treatment and resented ill-treatment.
But, notwithstanding the kind treatment we received, I was too familiar with the fickle disposition of savages not to feel anxious to withdraw from the valley, and put myself beyond the reach of that fearful death which, under all these smiling appearances, might yet menace us.
I am now in splendid condition and am really obliged to the Tottenhots for their kind treatment.
I liked the nigger for that; I tell you, gentlemen, a nigger like that is worth a thousand dollars -- and kind treatment, too.
He was agreeably disappointed, however, in experiencing nothing but kind treatment from Tamaahmaah and his people.
In return, she showed herself, I am bound to say, well worthy of the kind treatment bestowed upon her.
She had been brought up with the gentle Hawaiians, who never were ill-treated nor roughly handled, and she generalized that the Solomon Islanders, under kind treatment, would grow gentle.
You have nothing to do with the master of Thornfield, further than to receive the salary he gives you for teaching his protegee, and to be grateful for such respectful and kind treatment as, if you do your duty, you have a right to expect at his hands.
During the meeting in early March, Pope Tawadros thanked bin Salman for the kind treatment towards Christians in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, while the Crown Prince said he is grateful for the peaceful reactions of the Egyptian Church regarding the recent terrorist attacks targeting them.