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As the center's administrator wrote in a letter that was sent to neighboring area pediatricians, Kinder Pediatric Urgent Care hopes they think of the new after-hours center as its partner, as well as an alternative to the current emergency room options for their parents.
The complaint charges certain of the officers and directors of Kinder Morgan with violations of applicable state law on behalf of the Company's shareholders.
As more details regarding the LBO financing plan become available, Fitch will update its Rating Watch on the Kinder entities.
It was less than a year ago -- before the hurricanes -- that Kinder Morgan Energy Partners started to sound out support for a west to east long line.
Kinder Morgan paid TNCLP $5 million for the terminal assets, which consist of storage and supporting infrastructure for 40,000 tons of anhydrous ammonia, 9,500 tons of UAN and 40,000 tons of urea.
The system sold to Kinder Morgan consists of four main-line sections, numerous gathering systems and truck off-loading stations.
Kinder Morgan through Kinder Morgan Texas Pipeline, Kinder Morgan Tejas Pipeline and Tennessee Gas Pipeline, has a 15 year firm transportation agreements and a multi-year storage agreement with Cheniere through its subsidiary, Corpus Christi Liquefaction.
13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.
Oil and gas pipeline and storage companies controlled by Kinder Morgan but traded separately will combine to become the fourth-largest U.
Top US pipeline company Kinder Morgan said it will put all its publicly traded units under one roof in a $70 billion deal, responding to investor concerns about its growth prospects and complicated financial structure.
Houston billionaire Richard Kinder is consolidating his pipeline empire to strengthen it for growth as the US shale drilling boom opens up $1.