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Toyota Yaris drivers and FIAT 500 drivers were also ranked in the top 5 for Britain's kindest drivers.
Dia Mirza: Happy birthday to the nicest, warmest, kindest friend Riteish
The care provider's managing director Liz Whyte said: "The Kindness in Care Awards programme is about recognising and celebrating colleagues who demonstrate the kindest care and the best practice that we can all learn from.
Zia ur Rahman (boyseIU wing) Nazma Ayub (girlseIU wing) Shahnaz Nayyar (junior wing) and Ismat Ara (KG wing) were selected as the kindest teachers.
Brokerage co-founders, Rob Anzalone CEO and Jeff Wolk COO, will be presented with the award at AC&C's second annual New York's Kindest Dinner and Awards, a gala honoring some of New York City's most dedicated supporters committed to making a difference for NYC animals in need.
She was the kindest person you could think of, she really was the kindest woman," he said.
6% stake in Singapore-based Asia Pacific Breweries Ltd (SGX:A46), or APB, held by Kindest Place Groups Limited (KPG).
HC-One's aim is to provide the kindest care in the country.
vvThe kindest cut I'm sorry to hear Hereford is closing down, I really enjoyed my first visit there in March.
The political decision of the Government of Turkey to write off the public debt and to provide $10 million grant is a handsome gesture which deserves the kindest words," the government's press service quoted Almazbek Atambaev as saying.
Max Poynter, 10, added: "Gordon Brown looks the kindest.
Berdymukhammedov sent his kindest regards of Turkmen people to Turkish people and expressed his best wishes for the new year.