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The group that filed the lawsuit, the Bluewater Network, isn't some kindhearted, grassroots scientific group trying to save the earth for all.
Staff and kindhearted shoppers have risen to the challenge.
And I am convinced that the adventures of Shane, the kindhearted sexual roue, are based on my early life.
Marchese, whose kindhearted children's film "One Small Hero" will be airing on Wednesday, November 1st 2000, on Home Box Office (HBO), will join RSMI mainly with script and film treatments for production, and other cinema projects.
Kindhearted drinkers are devoting a weekend to raise thousands of pounds for Tyneside hospital patients.
He was kindhearted,'' his sister Genee Hernandez said.
But it has none of the kindhearted sentiment that surrounds Mame Burnside and her extended family; Belle Poitrine is mean.
They also nab a breakfast of doughnuts - free, courtesy of a wise and kindhearted fern vendor.
The heroine--danced by the exquisite Sarah Wildor, on loan from London's Royal Ballet--is a dreamy, kindhearted, bespectacled slavey in a household teeming with Bright Young Things and hints of pansexual pastimes, all under the thumb of a socialclimbing gorgon of a stepmother.
Now that the ``chick magnet'' is on the prowl, Gallagher may have to fend off the female fans - he's mum on any rumors of a girlfriend - an aspect of his job that he said can be overwhelming but mostly kindhearted.
Not only is she drop-dead gorgeous but she's smart, friendly and kindhearted, one of those rare souls able to talk to anybody about anything.