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THE stowaway kitten which spent three days in a lorry has recovered thanks to kindhearted Daily Mirror readers.
Residents are being asked to nominate the kindhearted folk who put others before themselves for a Citizen's Award.
A HOMELESS charity has praised kindhearted schoolchildren.
Milch and creative partner Steven Bochco liked the character so much that they brought John Irvin back to Blue as a regular in its sixth season, in 1998, serving as the kindhearted secretary who uses his intuition to protect his squad-room family--and who's often stronger than he thinks he is.
Kindhearted Students at West Redcar School are setting up a community help group.
A FRIENDLY football league at the centre of a huge row with the SFA have been saved thanks to a group of kindhearted referees.
Staff and kindhearted shoppers have risen to the challenge.
And I am convinced that the adventures of Shane, the kindhearted sexual roue, are based on my early life.
KINDHEARTED Patrick Bryant provided hot drinks for drivers stranded on the M11 by turning his lorry into a makeshift cafe.