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We need to model constructive ways for our children to act with intentional kindheartedness, strengthening their instincts to help others," Stankard urges.
And in paying attention, we cultivate kindheartedness for ourselves and for the situations that we face day in and day out.
Brother Roger constantly returned to that gospel value which is kindheartedness.
If Warren Hull's innate kindheartedness commanded his line of questioning, Bailey's interrogations were shaped by a glib folksiness that rapidly alternated between humor and tear-making gravity.
Peak was remembered for his in-store gruffness, as well as his kindheartedness and devotion to his family and church.
Matthiesen was valued not only for strong moral leadership but for a pastoral style that, priests say, included good listening skills, kindheartedness and tolerance for diversity.
Sosa charms people with a jovial manner; by contrast, Clemente was more serious, reserving his good-natured, kindheartedness friends and strangers, but not sportswriters.
Passivity and kindheartedness are encouraged in men along with empathy and compassion.
Riley transformed the politics of rigidly conservative South Carolina with a combination of disarming kindheartedness and canny tactical skills.
As part of Macy's 'Believe' campaign, National Believe Day aims to inspire Americans to embrace the spirit of goodwill, while spreading the holiday season's message through charitable efforts and kindheartedness toward others.
I, as the representative of the UNHCR, praise the generosity and kindheartedness of the countries (such as Iran) that are hosting the refugees and present services to these people who have been forced to leave their homeland," Kawauchi said, addressing a ceremony marking the International Refugee Day in the Northeastern city of Mashhad on Wednesday.