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Every penny the parishioners, and others, raise really will help make a difference to those who benefit from their kindheartedness.
Now, Mandy has been nominated for a national Royal Mail award for her kindheartedness by bosses.
We have experienced amazing generosity and kindheartedness from event attendees and the credit union community for six years," said Teresa Freeborn of Xceed Financial CU, the chairman of the wine auction committee.
Hamad Al-Bahar, another well-achiever, termed the trip as "outcome" of exerted efforts by all those who participated in it, in addition to the hospitality and kindheartedness of the Moroccan people.
With zero talent and a supernatural knack for stupidity, the process of Hazla'oum's make-over proves grueling, much to the chagrin of Azaam's secretary/police informant Germaine (Ghanem) who, nonetheless, gradually starts to warm to his kindheartedness (don't they all?
One word: safari, It quickly became my favorite trip of all time, also because of the kindheartedness of the people.
109) Indeed, the most profitable business strategy often involves sublimating short-term financial yield to long-term investments in honor, kindheartedness, or benefaction.
The doctor's subsequent examination of the boy and consoling demeanor serve to calm Eugene's mother, while establishing McGuire's competence, humor, and inebriated kindheartedness.
But the Taxi driver rejects her nostalgia, "I ain't seen no more goodness and kindheartedness here than nowhere else.
Over the past 25 years we have been overwhelmed by the kindheartedness of our benefactors to help us ensure the very best facilities are available at St Giles Hospice.
We need to model constructive ways for our children to act with intentional kindheartedness, strengthening their instincts to help others," Stankard urges.
And in paying attention, we cultivate kindheartedness for ourselves and for the situations that we face day in and day out.