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I do enjoy being - whatever you want to call it - the captain, the admiral of comedy and commenting in between sets," said Kindler.
He [Goodman] enjoys the highest respect of the worldwide scientific community and brings to Pfizer broad experience with leading scientific institutions as well as the venture and biotech community," says Kindler.
To increase flexibility, Pfizer will establish smaller operating units that Kindler says can enhance innovation and accountability while still drawing on the company's scale and resources.
Also joining is Peter Kindler as Partner and Glynn Kenny as Director.
Kindler, who became chief executive officer in late July, recently sent a letter to Pfizer colleagues outlining the changes.
Kindler will speak during the panel discussion entitled "PCI Compliance: Ignorance is Not a Defense.
NEW YORK -- Jeffrey Kindler has been named chief executive officer at Pfizer Inc.
Kindler said Pfizer has streamlined operations, reduced bureaucracy, set clear expectations and increased accountability, which has better positioned the company to combine with Wyeth.
CEO Jeffrey Kindler has cut jobs and closed factories in his first year at the helm to offset revenue declines from the loss of patent protection on some of Pfizer's biggest products.
Lipitor is supported by an unprecedented clinical trials program that has involved more than 80,000 patients and a research investment of more than $800 million," maintains Pfizer vice chairman and general counsel Jeffrey Kindler.
CEOs Jeff Kindler and Bernard Poussot and senior leadership of both companies continue to work closely together through the integration process.
New York) Chief Executive Jeffrey Kindler will replace his top research and finance officers as he leads a restructuring of the world's largest pharmaceutical manufacturer.