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Yet it was no such matter; but (as I was afterwards told) a common habit of the captain's, which I here set down to show that even the worst man may have his kindlier side.
In truth I feared that it was changing, with his expression, even as I spoke, and in spite of his kindly tone and kindlier use of my old school nickname.
Our chief engineer also took a characteristic view of my action, but in a kindlier spirit.
I note that Lane Apex Disposal proposes using smaller carts and making their use optional, a kindlier notion.
peasants maim the helpless horse, and drive Innocent cattle under thatch, and burn the kindlier brutes alive.
Nevins conceded that Winant's written works were "never polished, original or forceful" and that he was often "too shyly unassuming and tongue-tied to explain" himself, but he lauded his "devotion to great aims--a larger and kindlier democracy at home in America, and a stronger spirit of international concord in the world .
The past few weeks have not been happy times for anyone who hoped to see a kindlier, gentler Microsoft.
As Carlyle reflects in Reminiscences, he often found Southey's political views too conservative; however, reading Southey's poetry enabled Carlyle to develop a "much kindlier and more respectful feeling" toward him (387).
His teacher, Taylor-Sciurba, who performed in that grand Neapolitan edifice during her career, offers a kindlier, gentler viewpoint.
At the end of the poem, the poet can only gesture towards a kindlier nature by hoping for "a cycle of maybe something more pastoral" even as he undermines that by specifying the "beetles, then maggots, then ants" that will consume the corpse.
As a result, the UK become a kindlier, more generous place to live.