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"Why do you haunt me thus?" said she, in a languid tone, but with a kindlier feeling than she ordinarily permitted herself to express.
He saw that the soulless thing within was endowed with a kindlier and more noble nature than he himself possessed.
Laurence, hale and hearty as ever, was quite as much improved as the others by his foreign tour, for the crustiness seemed to be nearly gone, and the old-fashioned courtliness had received a polish which made it kindlier than ever.
Nature had given him few of the kindlier characteristics of man, and these few Fate had eradicated entirely.
Our chief engineer also took a characteristic view of my action, but in a kindlier spirit.
In truth I feared that it was changing, with his expression, even as I spoke, and in spite of his kindly tone and kindlier use of my old school nickname.
These scams, however, have preyed upon people with kindlier children, and now they're preying on corporations.
Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., opened the House prayer asking at "a time fraught with tribalism at home and turbulence abroad" that lawmakers "become the architects of a kindlier nation."
No matter what our politics, beliefs and opinions are of our presidents, we tend to look kindlier on them after they have left office, and as they age.
But the next time you sit to watch "A Christmas Carol" or pick up the Dickens classic from the bookshelf, perhaps you'll look kindlier upon brother Scrooge and contemplate how well you are striking a principled balance at your firm.
While not a leaf seems faded; while the fields With ripening harvest prodigally fair, In brightest sunshine bask; this nipping air, Sent from some distant clime where Winter wields His icy scimitar, a foretaste yields Of bitter change, and bids the flowers beware; And whispers to the silent birds, 'Prepare Against the threatening foe your trustiest shields' For me, who under kindlier laws belong To Nature's tuneful quire, this rustling dry Through leaves yet green, and yon crystalline sky, Announce a season potent to renew, 'Mid frost and snow, the instinctive joys of song, And nobler cares than listless summer knew.
Of course, kindlier authorities can also give a kind of immortality to famous locals by naming roads, parks, streets and buildings after them.