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Both the brothers, it may be here remarked, had a very emphatic and earnest delivery; both had lost nearly the same teeth, which imparted the same peculiarity to their speech; and both spoke as if, besides possessing the utmost serenity of mind that the kindliest and most unsuspecting nature could bestow, they had, in collecting the plums from Fortune's choicest pudding, retained a few for present use, and kept them in their mouths.
Rawdon saluted Jos, too, with the kindliest greeting: she admired Mrs.
Honourable Lahore High Court has granted appeal of two Pakistani Christians (a) Salamat Masih, a minor of 13/14 years of age and (b) Rahmat Alias Barkat Masih an elder of about 40 years, condemned by the Sessions Court, Lahore for blasphemy against the kindliest and the most merciful prophet of Islam, Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH).
These critics arc not just traditional reviewers of the 1930s and their New Critical counterparts, but such recent and undeniably sympathetic readers as Michael Millgate, Donald Kartiganer, Eric Sundquist, and Ir-ving Howe, who once described As I Lay Dying as "the warmcst, the kindliest and the most affectionate" of Faulkner's novels.
What choice to choose for delicacy best, What order, so contriv'd as not to mix Tastes, not well join'd, inelegant, but bring Taste after taste upheld with kindliest change.