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But revolutions are expressions of violent reaction to centuries of brutal repression, Berkman noted, and, by contrast, he was astonished that this revolution 'has been accomplished with comparatively so little violence, but has, on the contrary, been characterised by the greatest forbearance toward the hereditary tyrants, the most wonderful tolerance and kindliest humanity'.
I must admit that you seem to be the kindliest person I have met in my journey.
In 1951 Schrodinger wrote, "I think I must accuse Bohr--though in actual fact he is one of the kindliest persons I ever came to know--of an unnecessary cruelty for his proposing to kill his victim by observation.
Paul Kujawski, D-Webster, thought of the town's downtown Christmas lighting displays, and not in the kindliest sense, as he drove through Holden after Thanksgiving to attend the post-season playoff football game between Bartlett of Webster and Southbridge High.
But the people in Pontygwaith were the kindliest, liveliest people you'd meet if you circled the earth: they'd sing, box, or side-step their way through towns ten times the size, and when it came to a strike they stuck it out the longest.
O friendship, equal-poised control, O heart, with kindliest motion warm, O sacred essence, other form, O solemn ghost, O crowned soul
For example in a speech entitled "On Adam" he told his audience, "Death, the refuge, the solace, the best and kindliest and most prized friend and benefactor of the erring, the forsaken, the old, and weary, and broken of heart, whose burdens be heavy upon them, and who would lie down and be at rest" (31).
Perhaps most of all will have been the students of Birmingham Conservatoire, who both performed for him and had their compositions scrutinised by him, all with the kindliest yet shrewdest perspicacity.
For the negro I have only the profoundest pity and kindliest sympathy.
The Secretary of the Timber Workers' Union would later recall that Gibson was 'the whitest [sic] and kindliest man I have ever met, inside or outside the Labour movement'.