kindly disposed

See: benevolent
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I have never known anyone more kindly disposed or willing to put the best face on things, persons, or opinions.
A novice Twitter user, I optimistically tweeted to my slim cadre of kindly disposed followers, including some of my loyal work colleagues, to watch out for a creativity boost on my return.
I can imagine Mansfield Park ending with a very different picture: Fanny is happily domiciled and more kindly disposed to her overworked, sadly incapable mother and not totally unworthy father.
If I'd been able to claim it was the result of Storm Horace, the insurance company might have been more kindly disposed to help.
I was not kindly disposed towards this book at first as it seemed to be a reworking of the old classic No Roses for Harry.
Former party president Joshi, who was elected to the 15th Lok Sabha from Varanasi after losing his favourite Allahabad seat in the 2004 polls, is not kindly disposed to vacating his seat for prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi.
They take even the surmises of segments kindly disposed towards the banned outfit with great scepticism.
His highest-profile assignment so far is last season's 2-2 Championship draw between Bristol City and Crystal Palace when he totted up nine yellow cards, seven of them for the home side - which is quite promising as it proves he's no homer and suggests he's not too kindly disposed towards teams nicknamed The Robins
Inaugurated in 1957, the Order recognized people who, though not necessarily residing in Manitoba, were "known to be kindly disposed towards Manitoba.
In other words, if you are kindly disposed towards the person, your tolerance level is that much more.
Villa fans aren't too kindly disposed to Ashley Young and Stewart Downing right now for their pursuit of the "bigger stage" (which bizarrely always coincides with a bigger pay packet).