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COW. In a penal statute which mentions both cows and beefer's, it was held that by the term cow, must be understood one that had a calf. 2 East, P. C. 616; 1 Leach, 105.

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The government's "hostility to accountability underscores the need for a UN-led international investigation of the killings to help expose the extent of the abuses and to determine possible targets for a criminal investigation, including possible prosecutions for crimes against humanity," Kine said.
Each day, the death toll from the government's war on drugs climbs higher and higher," Kine complained, adding, "These killings suggest Duterte's aggressive rhetoric advocating violent, extrajudicial solutions to crime in the Philippines has found willing takers.
Kine said: "Afghanistan's new government will need to address the security threats from all sides before journalists will have confidence that they can go to work without risking their lives".
Reforming the law would be a vital step in ensuring that Afghan journalists can do their jobs," Kine said.
The Taliban should assist the operations of mobile vaccination teams rather than interfere with their lifesaving work," added Kine.
Manda bi, Emitai, Xala, Ceddo, Camp de Thiaroye, Guelwaar, Faat Kine, and Moolaade--Fofana (French, Willamette U.
Prevent violence, stop HIV, or da oddah uku billion kine shit we
Nevertheless, despite concerns about a future decline in asset quality across the industry, the bank's asset quality figures have been improving in kine with the economic uptrend.
Da Jesus Book (Hawaiian Pidgin) God wen make um all: all kine wild animals, an all kine animals dat live wit peopo, an all da small kine animals dat run aroun on top da groun.
Sampayo acepto casarse por amor y tambien por amor acepto compartir su matrimonio con las mujeres de color Kine y Fama pero "las tres tenemos celos" dice Sonia, quien radica en Madrid y las otras dos en Louga.
But this is all re-articulation and even dodges key issues,'' Phelim Kine of Human Rights Watch's Hong Kong office told Kyodo News.
Alexander Brighan, 8, Madeline Brigham, 11, Macy Brigham, 13, Ellie Combs, 12, Lindsey Ragsdale, 12, Diamond Huyuh, 10, Cynthia Abrams, 9, Cydney Kine, 7, Meredith Rothman, 10, Clare Sick, 10, Julianna Sick, 13, Claire Maederer, 14, Audrey Chinn, 15, Ariel Prigwood, 10, Stella Madrona, 10, Taylor Hults, 7, and Olina Anderson, 8, of Eugene; Hannah Williams, 8, Aaron Schlesinger, 16, and Emily Ann Parson, 10, of Springfield; Alexa Magunson, 10, of Creswell; and Adana Lindsley, 9, of Dexter.