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(22) Stephen claims that the limitations of the eyes are verified by both sound and touch, but especially the sense of being "in bodies," that is, the kinesthetic sense (3.4).
Rather, his kinesthetic sense of confusion and lostness is reinforced.
SA: We're also being given a direct way to experience his kinesthetic sense of moving through the world.
Similarly, the kinesthetic sense needs to be precisely defined since it has its own particular variants.
In an article describing her experiences, Donna Williams (1994a), a person with autism, defined the disability as a pervasive developmental disability affecting recognition and comprehension including proprioception, kinesthetic sense, sense of self and other, visualization, sequencing, synthesis, analysis, and retrieval.
What happens if one loses the kinesthetic sense? Such cases are rare, but one is well documented in Cole's book on Ian Waterman who, at the age of 19, lost all sensation below his neck [2].
Kinesthetic sense dealing with muscles and limbs (electromyograph).
The kinesthetic sense is our main system for understanding relationships of all kinds.
It is clear from watching Danielle's process that thinking through her ideas visually is essential to the writing of her story-she chooses to begin with pictures, she easily envisions her story, she takes care in designing the details of her collage images, her kinesthetic sense is awakened as she interacts with her papers.