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Gulf rulers frame the threat as a terrorism problem that the international community should confront kinetically and ideologically.
Germany's toxic recent past was systematically converted by each of these gestures into optimistic carnival--explicit in the Zeros' publications, in the cooperative media coverage they solicited, and, finally, in their shimmering objects, whether white (Uecker), silver (Mack), or kinetically projected light (Piene).
The goal of Navy Information Dominance is to deliver decision-quality information, enable freedom of maneuver in all warfighting domains, and integrate Navy fires, whether projected through the network or delivered kinetically for hard-kill or soft-kill," Branch wrote.
2) provides an induction period during which time the modulus is unchanged, kinetically less reactive traps such as BHT only slow the initial rate.
We're not ruling out providing some backup assistance to the Americans as they go in and deal kinetically with this terrorist organisation," he said.
Changes in selected quality indices were kinetically studied.
The flywheel works like a dynamic mechanical battery that stores energy kinetically by spinning a mass around an axis.
The motors generate energy while braking, using a KERS (kinetic energy recovery system) to store the energy kinetically in the gyro flywheels, and supplement the 10 kWh battery pack.
The company is also taking on Wayne McGregor's hyperactive, strangely clinical, kinetically powerful Chroma.
Ever since I first heard it (on an old Mercury Living Presence LP from my hometown Detroit Symphony, under its cliff d'orchestre, Paul Paray), the "Fete polonaise" that opens Act II of Chabrier's Le roi malgre lui has had the kinetically intoxicant effect of making me warn to get up and express myself like a latter-day, male Isadora.