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2) provides an induction period during which time the modulus is unchanged, kinetically less reactive traps such as BHT only slow the initial rate.
Tiffany had these perfect corkscrew curls, blonde spring-like columns of hair that kinetically bobbed up and down when she walked.
One of the reasons "Girl" works so well on the page is the title character, a woman who operates with her own twisted but honorable sense of logic and justice, and Rapace fiercely and kinetically brings that contradiction to the screen.
As a result, a kinetically stable nanoemulsion is obtained that can be used as an impregnating lotion for wipes or as a basis for sprayable systems.
As a result, programs of instruction are being updated to develop warrior leaders who understand law enforcement and community policing, yet can also fight kinetically and with technological savvy.
Although each country kinetically destroyed a satellite in orbit, the level of transparency provided by China and the US differed significantly.
The narrative arch of Tumble Room, which kinetically embodies a loss of innocence in its sense of play, begins with the room revolving incessantly and only concludes after all the furniture in the girl's room has been pulverized to dust.
For Razzle Dazzle, Jacobs and his assistant, digital whiz kid Erik Nelson, souped up two standard video-editing programs--Final Cut Pro and Modul8--to create a viscerally and kinetically pulverizing experience of horror.
While the Iraqi government and Coalition Forces are kinetically targeting the insurgent group, they must simultaneously provide locals actual security and jobs for income.
However, the ongoing experiences of Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom have highlighted the limitations of traditional kinetically based armament in urban operations, emphasizing the need for a class of weapons with greater precision and less likelihood of causing collateral damage.
Team Enabler was extraordinarily successful at making connections with local citizens that sometimes the more kinetically oriented combat forces were unable to make.
First, the diminutive rate constant indicates a reaction that is not kinetically favored.