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Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Kinfolk launched in 2011 and has quickly earned an international following.
My itchy finger is having its way with the remote, switching back and forth from professional wrestling to The Beverly, Hillbillies to spend some time with my favorite oil tycoon, Jed Clampett and his kinfolk.
From beginning to end, "Grandpa Ranney's Stories" is a fascinating and highly recommended read--and would well serve as a template for others to record the life stories of their own aging kinfolk while they are till here to tell them.
Drawn from the Yoruba culture, "Tabo Soko Soja, Aba Ara Ile Eni" loosely translates to "If a stone is thrown in a marketplace, it will hit one's kinfolk.
Otherwise, check out your kinfolk for under-eye action.
is visiting the kinfolk of his mother, the Johnsons, so the sharecropping family is not surprised when Sheriff Billy Ray Cuthbert leads a murderous posse to capture the boy and bring him to "justice.
He and his little sister, either bought or snatched from kinfolk, had been trafficked to Britain from Italy.
A dense network of kinfolk and neighbors, including wet nurses, could be tapped to feed, parent, mentor, shelter, educate, or otherwise provide for an orphaned child, or a child whose parents were absent or incapacitated.
Uttamatomakin: Actually, the English discovered Pocahontas visiting kinfolk in Patawomeck country--and kidnapped her.
MY CONFEDERATE KINFOLK is at once a memoir and a history: it tells of a journey across the South to uncover truths, connections, and a rich set of roots, and reveals many political insights as well.
In Romans 16:7, Patti greets "Andronicus and Junia, my kinfolk and fellow prisoners; they are outstanding apostles .