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Dian is the daughter of kings, though her father is no longer king since the sadok tossed him and Jubal the Ugly One wrested his kingship from him.
Van Horn had paid the money where it was due; Nau-hau, by virtue of kingship, had robbed Sati's father of Sati's labour before Van Horn's eyes.
It is in accordance with this principle that Aristotle holds that kingship is the proper form of government when there is in the state one man of transcendent virtue.
They grew excited, and it looked like trouble for a while; but Big Alec asserted his kingship and quelled them.
Speaking on Monday as keynote speaker at the international conference on the Alaafin in Yoruba History, Culture, and Political Power Relations at Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo town in Oyo State explained that kingships can be used to teach comparative histories of kings, kingdoms, and empires.