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The height and size of kink deformation were measured by a laser microscope.
Asi--a diferencia de lo que ha venido ocurriendo con The Beatles, The Rolling Stones y The Who; top 3 en el que The Kinks no entran acaso porque estan por encima de esos tres- los fastos por los cincuenta anos de The Kinks han tenido un caracter, si, inequivocamente ambiguo, claramente impreciso, legitimamente kinky.
What is so special for me about playing at Kink this time is that since I've moved back to India I haven't really got an opportunity to really connect with my fans and the crowds up close and personal, and this space has that vibe and given me the opportunity to do that, without too much of a ruckus that usually happens at other clubs," was Bally's take on the evening.
These tests--performed by O-level maintainers--will determine whether the kinks are restricting airflow to the masks.
The kink test was introduced following the high inflation of the late 1970s and early 1980s and is designed to eliminate the effect of inflation on gains by using the concept known as rebasing.
Hoses can also be compared by burst strength (the higher the psi, the stronger the hose) and by plys (higher number of plys means greater strength, flexibility and kink resistance).
In an early moment in 'da Kink in my hair, Enid, expressing her desire for love-or at least a man to share her sweet potato pie with--asks, "Can I get a witness?
This paper is concerned with the lower portion of the demand curve, below the kink of the famous kinked demand curve model (Sweezy; Hall, and Hitch, 1939).
Perhaps the biggest kink is an odor that prompted so many citizen complaints that Missouri's Attorney General filed a lawsuit last spring.
Marginal utility below this kink in the utility function is higher than marginal utility above the kink.
Jamestown and Tonya Lee Williams's Kink in My Hair, also shot in Toronto, were broadcast on Vision in the fall of 2004, and Charles Officer's Hotel Babylon, which was shot in Winnipeg in November, and will be aired in early 2005.