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Next, after a year or two with his kinspeople in Lancashire, in the North of England, he came to London, hoping through literature to win high political place, and attached himself to the household of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, Queen Elizabeth's worthless favorite.
Drones' missiles are killing hundreds of civilians, causing relatives and ethnic kinspeople to join resistance groups.
Ubuntu encourages people to see themselves as always part of a greater whole, which includes their family, their neighbours, their kinspeople and others in their language group.
The Anadolu report also quoted Turkish Red Crescent (Kyzylay) head Ahmet LE-tfi Akar as saying that Turkey has been supporting its Turkmen kinspeople in Iraq, adding that Kyzylay has never failed to support Turkmens.
They are locally responsible for ceremoniously welcoming outsiders - and all maternal kinspeople [tepwo] are likened to guests.
The passage continues: "Sometimes white kinspeople, scandalized and outraged, moved aggressively to break such wills--occasionally, by having the man declared incompetent or, more bluntly, insane.
As the language of her story strains toward relation and closure, toward the conflation of brother/ sister ("as if they were kinspeople, brother and sister .
His chin was long and oval, and his eyes were like her eyes, as if they were kinspeople, brother and sister, but some happening apart.
But in the past the possibility of return acts of violence was something people contemplated from the security of their own patrician homelands, where they live as 'owners' (giomanop) with kinspeople to support them.
Those with no resources palliate, as best they can, their dying kinspeople.
The sociality practised when sitting around fires outside, cooking food, making tea, watching people as they come and go, playing cards, fulfilling daily tasks, being available to kinspeople, and communicating discreetly with signs and finger talk--all this is interrupted by buildings.