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The catalogue of "acceptable" kinswomen published at Nicaea was repeated by many other church councils--East and West--in subsequent years.
Robert Southwell's own hand (a gentleman for his holy life and happy death of eternal memory), and knowing certainly that he especially wrote and meant to have printed them for your holy mother's devotion, singularly by him honoured and affected, I have, in an eminent esteem which I profess myself to have of your virtuous and noble worth, moved also thereunto by one of your noblest and nearest kinswomen, presumed to make your honour partaker of such a treasury of devout discourses .
Naming the absence of kinswomen through negation -- "I will have no mother no sister no daughter / when I am through" -- Lorde interrogates intersecting constructions of gender and sexuality.
Young mothers without kinswomen present are said to be 'lonely'.
The separation of the two kinswomen at this time could be related to all manner of things unknown because this news comes to us out of a woman's world.
27) In this way, by exploiting his position in the Seggio, Caracciolo attempted to secure the future good-standing of unmarried kinswomen with minimum investment.
In the passage I attend to, we catch up with Prindy after he has been separated from kinswomen to be led cross-country on a classic learning expedition by the old sage George: