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KISSING. Kissing the bible is a ceremony used in taking the corporal oath, the object being, as the canonists say, to denote the assent of the witness to the oath in the form it is imposed. The witness kisses either the whole bible, or some portion of it; or a cross in some countries. See the ceremony explained in Oughton's Ord. Tit. Constit. on Courts, part 3, sect. 1, Sec. 3 Junkin on the Oath, 173, 180; 2 Evan's Pothier, 234.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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'That's nonsense,' said the Princess; 'and if I can kiss him, you can too.
For indeed the moonlight that fell across her bosom was not whiter than my thoughts, nor could any kiss--were it even such a kiss as Venus promised to the betrayer of Psyche--even in its fiercest delirium, be other than dross compared with the wild white peace of those silent hours when we lay thus married and maiden side by side.
Thou could'st not prize the rose and the nightingale, but thou wast ready to kiss the swineherd for the sake of a trumpery plaything.
"I declare I WILL kiss you," she said, with a sudden stir at her heart.
He made up his mind to kiss Miss Wilkinson; not then, but in the evening; it would be easier in the dark, and after he had kissed her the rest would follow.
"Methinks thou art right," quoth Robin, "and, contrariwise, that when we kiss a pleasure that appeareth gay it turneth foul to us; is it not so, Little John?
I!...I!...I!...And she did not die!...Oh, how good it is, daroga, to kiss somebody on the forehead!...You can't tell!...
"Your husband," he said, smiling, "has sent me over to kiss you.
And she kissed the Doctor many times, so that he giggled and blushed like a school-girl.
Glinda leaned forward and kissed the sweet, upturned face of the loving little girl.
"Well, then, I won't; only forgive me, Sonya!" He drew her to him and kissed her.
"There!" he said, patting her on the back, "go and kiss your aunt and your grandfather.