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That's when the Blossom Kite Festival takes place in Washington, D.C.
HELIUM BALLOONS AND KITE THONGS On light wind days when there is not enough wind to fly a kite, you may still be able to kite fish.
"I hope the kite festival just keeps getting better every year."
The Festival is presented by the Northern Kite Group in association with the West Lancashire Ranger Service.
"According to tradition, kite flying in Korea is a kind of ritual and through which kite flyers will blow away misfortunes of life and call in good luck.
The even started in the afternoon with all the kites flying high against the back drop of the blue Indian Ocean at the Galle face green.
Scores of skilled kite fliers descended on Ahmedabad on Sunday to take part in the International Kite Festival.
" It's just that it is a little too late for making fullsized kites on Kejriwal," says Naseer Ahmed, one of the oldest kite makers of Jamalpur area in Ahmedabad, the hub of kite sellers in the city.
I am filled with delightful daydreams, in which by late afternoon I'll be surfing my way merrily across the bay, the enormous kite responding to my every whim as I leap 10, 20, 100 meters in the air and land smoothly in a blaze of glory.
? The Kite Workshops cost pounds 4 per kite, places are limited so booking is essential either at the mima reception desk or call 01642 726720.
Kite enthusiasts continued to make their way to the mall and the designated flying area as the professional teams showcased their creations.
Kites fill the sky over Fort Perch Rock, in New Brighton, ahead of the International Kite Festival Picture: PAUL HEAPS/ ph090611postcard