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KNAVE. A false, dishonest, or deceitful person. This signification of the word has arisen by a long perversion of its original meaning.
     2. To call a man a knave has been held to be actionable. 1 Rolle's Ab. 52; 1 Freem. 277.,

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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(9) If one reads the Fool's "no knavery" speech as a pledge to remain loyal to Lear (as I do), then one can only feel dismay (as I do) when directors have the Fool deliberately abandon Lear later in the play.
The knavery premise is not limited to great questions of constitutional design, posited with the purpose to preserve constitutional structures and to achieve stability.
Their top 10 of words that deserve to be used more often is: caterwaul (howling or wailing noise), concinnity (harmonious arrangement or fitting together), flapdoodle (nonsense), knavery (roguish act), melange (mixture), obambulate (to walk about), opsimath (a person who studies late in life), philistine (hostile to culture and the arts), rapscallion (rascal) and subtopia (unsightly suburb and development).
The 88-rated Knavery is the only horse in Crisford's care owned by Qatar Racing.
(289) Fielding's Jonathan Wild (1743) is far less effective than The Beggar's Opera, but, like Gay, Fielding is treating knavery comically and implying all along that such powers as Jonathan Wild possesses make for success in a world wholly ruled by greed.
LINGFIELD: 2.10 Primrose Valley, 2.40 Whispering Star, 3.10 Aiyana, 3.40 Knavery, 4.10 Meebo, 4.40 Absolute Sway, 5.10 Glennten, 5.45 Super Duplex.
Poverty and Luxury prevail among all sorts: Pride ignorance and Knavery among the Priesthood and Vice and Wickedness among the Laity.
A popular madrigal from the period emphasizes this specialized "knavery." (17) In it, an ape, a monkey, and a baboon debate their performance abilities.
education has hitherto opened a wide field for the knavery of quacks,
YOU must be feeling sick in your guts by now by the almost unending flow of stories of our netas ' knavery. But it is equally desirable that we get over our indifference to the routine and commonplace and turn our attention to the rot in something more fundamental to our lives.
reserved as the merited reward of impudence or knavery." (49) As Klancher and others have shown, it was precisely such real-world applicability that made Blackwood's so influential to its middle-class readership.
She is intent not simply to discredit Wagstaffe and expose "the Knavery and Ignorance of Physicians," but to improve how engrafting is practiced in England.