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KNAVE. A false, dishonest, or deceitful person. This signification of the word has arisen by a long perversion of its original meaning.
     2. To call a man a knave has been held to be actionable. 1 Rolle's Ab. 52; 1 Freem. 277.,

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She could not forget that she was a princess, and that she had been forced to wed a low-born kitchen knave.
Messieurs the sergeants of the mace, you will take me this knave to the pillory of the Grève, you will flog him, and turn him for an hour.
BIRDS AND BEASTS & BAD KNAVES | | When - Saturday, February 3 | | Where - The Northern Quarter | | Tickets - Free entry Two of Huddersfield's hottest musical properties come together for a show at the former Builders Club, which was relaunched as the stylish Northern Quarter towards the tail end of last year.
What are the knaves we've got for rulers spending our money on?
Contractor address : Cavell House, Knaves Beech Way, , Loudwater
Last night, the SNP tried to look like knaves by proposing to join with right-wing Tories to vote for something they did not want, knew they wouldn't get and which would not serve the best interests of the Scottish people.
Knave of Hearts: I stole the tarts Knave of Clubs: The Knave of hearts is lying Knave of Diamonds: The Knave of Clubs is lying Knave of Spades: The Knave of Diamonds is lying How many of the four knaves were telling the truth?
Sutton F had a comfortable 7-3 success over Colebridge Knaves despite an impressive hat-trick from Omar Zaman.
They entertain readers with amusing anecdotes and Google management-isms such as: "Consensus requires dissension," "Exile knaves but fight for divas" and "Think 10X, not 10%.
IN answer to the perpetual question, as to whether politicians are fools or knaves, an Italian academic has come up with a convincing theory.
But when they play together, they're mischievous knaves.
He said: "Niall Collins has identified the new Fianna Fail party line - namely, that its leaders were not knaves but merely fools.