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Knavish has previously said that the Panama Canal is a significant regional economic centre for the industry, while Costa Rica and Panama are growth markets for protective and marine coatings.
are all caricatured by persons with non-de-plume Irish name, while ubiquitous cognomens designate dishonest and unscrupulous politicians, pool room proprietors, knavish bosses, or illiterate get-rich-somehow nabobs, all of which is as unmagnanimous as it is untruthful.
92) He even claims that 'Americans are a race of intemperate, knavish, immoral people', and suggests that their faults stem from a lack of restraint born out of republican ideas, sentiments, and practices.
The cast of four seemed much larger, thanks to clever costume changes and choreography, and Kirsten McLean taking on the dual roles of knavish Mosca and put-upon Celia, Harry Ward as both Corbaccio and Bonario and Stephen Clyde as Voltore/Corvino.
You' is, at once, a modern-day Horatio Alger character, representing the desires and frustrations of millions in rising Asia; a bildungsroman hero, by turns knavish and recognizably human, who sallies forth from the provinces to find his destiny; and a nameless but intimately known soul, whose bittersweet romance with the pretty girl possesses a remarkable emotional power.
As the knavish city companion praises her wealthy customers, for instance, he degrades them, and by extension, vitiates her.
Such performances were very much in demand and cities like London offered a wide array of examples of "baboonizing," a term that Randle Cotgrave, in his A French and English Dictionary (1650), coined in both French and English to describe the use of "apish or foolish tricks, waggish or knavish prankes," in order to "deceive, cozen, [or] gull.
Obviously, Grinnell cannot control the media attention it receives, but, as Petchetsky uncovers, something more sinister, more knavish is at play.
Filthy rich, shrewd and knavish lawyers in history have too.
of later ME formation: coltish, doggish, feverish, folish, foxish, knavish, etc.
Here the puppet-master is Puck, a knavish sprite who serves Oberon, king of the fairies.
Efforts to intervene in the market order should always be checked for knavish efforts of either hubris or opportunism (or both).