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When they use strip tillage, they remove residue from a 6- to 12-inch-wide strip and till the soil 6 to 8 inches deep with a knifelike shank, which can also inject fertilizer.
Take the old-school family station wagon, evil it up with a glossy black paint job, man-eating grill and wicked knifelike taillights, and then stick a supercharged Corvette engine inside.
The wind begins to rise, creating white-crested waves the canoe cuts knifelike.
The sensory manifestations of RLS include intense disagreeable feelings which are described as creeping, crawling, tingling, burning, aching, cramping, knifelike or itching sensations.
A thin, knifelike cloud is seen gliding across the bright orb of the moon.
A chocolate cake's sharp edges are tempered by Jack with the smooth quietness and warmth of lavender; hot peppers release their knifelike points and a cloud of reddish orange sound as they grill.
Knocking the deer to the ground, the cat holds the prey steady and then slashes the deer's throat with knifelike teeth.
It features fine, silvery scales and a long, knifelike body that rises high beyond its small pointed head and gradually tapers to a blade-like caudal fin.
The Kugel mesh patches were recalled because the memory recoil ring, which opens the patch, can break, forming a hard, knifelike object that can slice into and through internal organs.