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While, as part of Gorgona, Knifer would develop a kind of prototype for performance (which the group referred to, perhaps presciently, as "photo-posing"), the artist's primary output for the rest of his forty-year career would be meanders, created across a broad spectrum of techniques, materials, and scales, but almost always black-and-white.
The Knifer by Yannis Economides, for example, was a hit in Greece, and has won many prizes.
And I realised, as I completed a chapter about him in my new book, In The Frame, that he had really been called "killer" because somehow we knew instinctively he was a killer of pretension, a murderer of tyranny, a knifer of snobbery, a strangler of cruelty and an implacable enemy of all who would restrain or repress the needs of the many in the interests of the few.