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His further comparison of her to ancient knights-errant casts her controversial behavior as self-discipline, a classical virtue of the knight-errant.
In "Fatherland" Aleksandar Hemon's knight-errant to the Ukraine falls for his unassuming roommate, whose charm complicates the narrator's study trip into his father's past.
The basic plot line of the narrative of discovery, which Alexander sees as a mixture of crusading and knight-errant literature, ran as follows.
In English, the term has come to carry the same meaning as "Knight of the Round Table", referring to a knight-errant or hero.
The war in the air introduced Canadians to a new kind of warrior, the fighter pilot, lauded as a chivalric, 20th century knight-errant.
In fact, at times the trip felt like a chapter out of the Grail legend, with knight-errant George sallying forth every morning, spoon in hand, in search of the perfect Brazil, and returning empty-handed at night, at most having slain a few ferment dragons along the way.
Conqueror, which will be available at mass retail channels in June, puts users in die shoes of an knight-errant, battling evil lords in first person hand-to-hand combat.
As in the novel and musical, the ballet has the knight-errant in search of his Dulcinea, the lady of his dreams.
In cooperation with a popular TV drama, Legend of Martial Arts is an innovative online 3D cartoon style knight-errant comedy game that was launched in 2006.
The precepts of Horace and the knight-errant of romance provide contrary examples of normative and aberrant activity; against this background Ronsard and his commentator Muret attempt to direct the correct interpretation of a newly canonical poet (chap.