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I have successfully deciphered a cryptic pattern only to come back years later to knit it again and have difficulty trying to figure out the same pattern without having my first effort as an example.
In fact, Psalm 139:13-14 tells us that God knits: "You knit me in the darkness of my mother's womb; I am fearfully, wonderfully made.
About: Aroha Knits is the official website and brand to knitting designer Francoise Danoy.
We are currently speaking to the Royal British Legion to see how we can do more and galvanise our tribes of yarn addicts to knit Kitchener stitch poppies.
Newcastle Society for Blind People - Knit & Natter Group who have entered Wish 2013
Alexa Chung is wearing a black knit jumper with white bat motif, by Moschino.
BRIGHT BEAUTY The perfect antidote to dark winter nights, a knit so bright you'll practically glow in the dark is a must.
But what's been missing is a magazine that translates high street styles into easy-to-understand knitting patterns, quickly enough for you to actually knit and wear them before they go out of fashion
World Wide Knit In Public Day is an international event for knitters to enjoy each other's company, encourage others to knit and share their creative ideas.
She thinks they will come back into the fold, though, especially with men's heritage knitwear - Fair Isle sweaters, cable knit jumpers and chunky cardigans - now fashionable.