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The students and teachers meet every day at lunchtime to knit as many squares as they can.
Ciukas, "Structure properties of knits from natural yarns and their combination with elastane and polyamide threads," Materials Science, vol.
Reality is, all knitting, including cables is just a series of knits and purls.
With advancements in technology, new knit fabric textures, patterns and weaves, including neoprene fabric, are developed all the time, many of which are now available for the home sewist.
Founded in 1966, Alandale Knitting is a commission manufacturer of circular knits for the fashion, military, protective gear, automotive/transportation interiors, industrial and technical textiles industries.
"We knit squares to be made into blankets and have handed out many to the elderly and the homeless.
Effect of knit structure and finishing treatments on functional and comfort properties of cotton knitted fabrics.
"I knit a bit every day, I get up early and do some then and after I have my cup of coffee, I knit a little again.
Determining what size to knit is crucial, because no matter how well made the garment is, it won't look good if it doesn't fit.
Even a child can learn to knit with a little patience and practice.
In the Winter of 1914 the Knit for Victory campaign was launched, encouraging people across Wales and the rest of Britain to knit socks, hats, balaclavas and scarves for troops fighting in World War I.