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These properties are determined by raw material types and characteristics, knitting machine parameters, and type of knit structures.
In addition to basic patterns for creating useful warm sweaters suitable for men and women, a handy carry bag for carrying knit supplies and the current knit project; the handy reference pages featuring process and methods as well as how-to creating designs, sizing, and modifying patterns to fit the particular wearer are all useful information for all knitters.
Knits are easy to sew, but there are a few key sewing tips that impact fit.
A study on the influence of knit structure on comfort properties of acrylic knitted fabrics.
"I knit 300 for Christmas and another 300 for Easter.
Even a child can learn to knit with a little patience and practice.
Mark Fast, this season, opted for a weightier graphic ribbed knit that took the shape of pencil skirts slashed to the thigh and cropped jumpers.
BRIGHT BEAUTY The perfect antidote to dark winter nights, a knit so bright you'll practically glow in the dark is a must.
She thinks they will come back into the fold, though, especially with men's heritage knitwear - Fair Isle sweaters, cable knit jumpers and chunky cardigans - now fashionable.
"Softness and touchability are an overriding influence for the coming season, with texture in cashmere, wool and especially cable knit patterns featuring in all areas of soft furnishings for the home," confirms Kate Mooney, founder of Occa-Home.
Hand knits and crocheted toys are all the rage this year.
Hood said she is often asked whether she still knits. She referred to an essay she wrote that appears on, the Web site of Powell's Books.