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6 E offers an almost unlimited number of knitted structures, while the OVJA 0.
During the previous decades the knitting technology has been developed in respect of knitted structure, modified yarn and various kinds of knitting instruments.
The knitted decorations are sold for PS1 each and the total amount is donated to Velindre.
I looked first in The Knitting Answer Book, and not finding it explained there I went online and learned that self-striping is a type of variegation in which each length of color is longer--12 inches or more, compared to the usual three to four inches--creating a series of stripes when knitted into small projects like socks or mittens.
Early knitting started with fishermen, who knitted their own jumpers and socks; more men than women knitted - now it's the other way round.
The weekly Knit'n'Natter group that meets at the library designed and then knitted the tree.
The hardships of the Depression coupled with a desire to imitate the knitted two pieces often sported by Hollywood actresses, saw knitting reach new heights of popularity in the 1930s.
I've always been inspired by knitting techniques and you can experiment so well with colour and pattern in wool," says designer Melanie Porter, whose knitted collection includes chairs, tables, lampshades and cushions, starting from pounds 75.
3 : to draw or come together closely as if knitted : unite firmly <Hardship only knit the family more closely together.
4) A sweater knitted at La Knitterie Parisienne, owned by Edith and Merrill Eig.