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In the midst of all their noise, a knock was heard at the door.
Eight foot and a half, and 'twill knock down a calf"--here he made it whistle in the air--"and I hope it will knock down you.
I'll never knock on another floor as long as I live,' said the ex-brute, reassuringly.
Some knock at but one door and bring a hansom, but others go from street to street in private 'buses, and even wear false noses to conceal the sufferings you inflict upon them as you grew more and more like your sweet cruel mamma.
If you want to preach, come and take a pick now, and preach when they're resting,' and he did and worked well too, and afterwards when we had to knock off, he preached, and Trent took the chair and made 'em all listen.
And the knock was produced by Mukhorty, who had twice struck the sledge with his hoof.
Jackson promised to knock Ah Moy's block off if he did not feed the puppy well, while Sigurd Halvorsen, in the forecastle, did his best to knock off Henrik Gjertsen's block when the latter was guilty of kicking Scraps out of his way.
If they told a boy they would knock seven bells out of him if he did a certain thing, when he did that thing, seven bells invariably were knocked out of him.
Armed with this ominous letter of introduction, I kicked a chair down against the folding-doors, by way of giving a preliminary knock to arouse the housekeeper's attention.
THE knock at the door was repeated--a louder knock than before.
Let me hear you make those remarks again,' said the young man, 'and I'll knock that head of yours in among the wine-glasses behind you there.
Moments like those that passed before his knock was answered measure the quick breath of true adventure.