knock down

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Artemis is the first company to have developed a robust methodology for the controlled induction of shRNA-based gene knock down in adult mice.
Once you knock down a tree, it takes many years for another one to grow to the size of those that were knocked down.
Tees Valley Housing wants to knock down the empty convent gatehouse and build a community centre on the site known as The Lodge, in Marton Road, Middlesbrough.
A Faulty lines or heavy traffic can knock down or lock up a service.
'Thanks to my teammates and coaches for putting me in the right spots for me to be successful and knock down shots.
Councillor John Shipley is quoted as saying: "There is no wish whatsoever to knock down good homes."
"We've had many celebrities to knock down our piles of coins including the actor Paul Henry, who played Benny in Crossroads."
If you knock down our rink to build a shopping centre I think you're mad.
Conwy council plans to knock down the building and replace it with a rural development centre.