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The Great Black Spider on its Knock-kneed Tripod analyzes cinema, technology and modernity as seen by three celebrated Italian authors: Marinetti, D'Annunzio and Pirandello.
Jackson actually walked around the stage a bit this time out, and his major hallmarks were all there: the still-lanky, slightly knock-kneed stance, a killer smile and a rich, straight-to-the-heart voice that is surely touched by God.
Measure the intermalleolar distance in the knock-kneed with the recurvatum corrected and the knees lightly pressed together to qauntitate knock-knees.
Knock-kneed, coughing like hags, we curse through sludge', Across the strip, Wondering why Allah has forsaken us.
The tracks his fans knew by heart were reworked but tumbled off the tongue, as Dylan stood motionless behind his guitar or crouched knock-kneed at his keyboard.
As a YOUNG boy growing up in Starkville, I was awful at sports, all butterfingered and knock-kneed.
Th + n the dew + drop picked up speed And hit 2 knock-kneed cents + ipedes.
Brown, from Atlanta, wrote poems about living in - and away from - the South in a book-length manuscript, "Song of The Knock-Kneed Grit.
Successful athletes are lithe, composed and confident - so a flat-footed, knock-kneed novice was always going to stand out in a crowd of accomplished runners.
In person, though, Parks is warm, wry and handsome enough that when he does smile, it turns many men and women into instant knock-kneed fans.
In the next rehearsal, Stiefel instinctively morphs into the knock-kneed, hunched puppet of Michel Fokine's Petrouchka.