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But those who had claims knocked back said it was largely down to filing expense claims several months after the costs were incurred.
Rovers have been hard sellers in the past with players under the ownership of the Venky family and twice knocked back bids from Burnley last summer for their captain.
Phil then knocked back a shot and added: "She said you have to try it and this is the first chance we have had.
But councillors knocked back the plan yesterday after residents in neighbouring homes complained that the restaurant would lead to parking problems and antisocial behaviour.
But the Baggies knocked back a bid for the 25-year-old as they were short of cover.
In most instances, while only the bettor and one or two employees of a bookmaker will know the exact details of what went on, should you get knocked back in the future, it may be worth bearing in mind the words of a former odds-compiler.
Blues boss Alex McLeish homed in on the towering Italian centre-back after being knocked back in his attempts to land Aston Villa's Gary Cahill last week.
Lacey Szyskowski, below, gets knocked back by Bubba Lou.
Proposals to build a 50-storey appartment tower at Brunswick Quay were knocked back by planners because of fears that 64 businesses based at the waterfront site would shed jobs.
Paul Birkett: "A mate of mine got knocked back from Revolution for being too drunk, despite being a designated driver who hadn't touched a drop.
JORGE MOLINA admits he was relieved Real Betis knocked back a bid from Celtic in January after seeing Scottish football plunged into chaos.