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Led by singer Tim Delaughter and formed as a support act to the equally wayward Grandaddy, the first incarnation of the Polyphonic Spree had just three weeks to get knocked into shape.
At boot camp Mulan is knocked into shape by the hunky Captain Shang - but romance and music take a back seat to action.
CRAIG PATERSON has warned Hibs to prepare for pain as they're knocked into shape - but insists Terry Butcher's insatiable appetite for work and success is key to dragging them out of the doldrums.
However, on this evidence Speed has his work cut out to get this Wales side knocked into shape.
Written on the road and knocked into shape at a closed down Aussie pub where Airbourne played their first gig, No Guts.
The difference between this and the other stores Mary's knocked into shape is that charity shops have no control over what stock they get in.