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The team is a mirror image of him, knocked into shape by "strong management," sprinkled liberally with Anglo Saxon language.
I used to think it was the pizza dough being knocked into shape by the chefs.
Farrell is stunning as a Texan rebel in this tale of recruits being brutally knocked into shape for Vietnam.
One day at boot camp - where the actors were knocked into shape for movie soldiering - Ben saw a sinister spider in his tent, so he collected it on the blade of a machete to have the insect identified.
Former Dundee manager Kernaghan started his career at Middlesbrough where he was knocked into shape by Rioch, whose military upbringing ensured there was no messing around.
Smith narrates this look at the issue of dieting and how attitudes will have to change to get us all knocked into shape.
Chandler is determined to get overweight Clarke knocked into shape and is bringing in fitness trainer Steve Hampson, the former Wigan and Great Britain rugby league full-back, to make sure there are no slip-ups.