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Traipsing down the staircase with the usual paraphernalia of washing basket, bins and cup of tea attached to me, I find myself knocked sideways by four settee cushions heading in the opposite direction.
My Albert Square insider says: "Barry will be knocked sideways by Natalie's pregnancy.
But sales projections were then knocked sideways when the bottom fell out of the luxury car market after the horror of the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington DC.
Caretaker boss Ray Wilkins was so stunned by yesterday's dismissal he was almost knocked sideways.
Although farm gate prices have shot up in the past 12 months, any boost in profits has been knocked sideways by the triple whammy of fuel, feed and fertiliser costs that have risen at an even faster rate.
will be knocked sideways by the passion, noise and support we will give the lads on Tuesday.
He got knocked sideways halfway up the hill and I thought he was in trouble turning in.
Anyone who recently attended the two concerts, which included the music of John Foulds, must have been knocked sideways by this wonderful music and the advocacy of Mr Oramo, who I understand will be recording it for prosperity.
After Zirconeum's third in the Cape Verdi Shea had said, "We were knocked sideways and out of our stride so she has done well to finish that close.
The character never seems to be without a smile, but even he's knocked sideways when Henri informs him that Agnes, still feeling humiliated by her father's behaviour at the shop, has handed her notice in.
SUCCESSFUL on his handicap debut (off a mark of 63) in his previous start, was knocked sideways early in the straight in the mile-anda-half amateur riders' event won by Gretzky in Dundalk.