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She'd ferreted through a box (yes MY box) and uncovered an outfit that I'd knocked together last August for a friend's hen-party.
I had an idea in my head for a long time about an easier way of doing things, so out of sheer frustration I knocked together an idea for a tool out of a few pieces of wood I had lying around in the shed.
Those old B movies like Bodyguard (1948), Impact (1949), and Roadblock (1951), the ones where not-so-brainy guys stumbled into lethally complicated traps that snapped shut in the last reel, didn't benefit from a tenth of the sustained creative work that has gone into The Man Who Wasn't There--they were more or less knocked together on the assembly line--but when they took a shot it tended to connect.
A YOU and your man need your heads knocked together.
A Londis store and a newsagent were knocked together to form the 2,000 sq ft shop which opened in October 2000 after three months' work.
When knocked together the space became an uneven rectangle running from west to east and measuring approximately 35m long and 11m wide.
The court has heard that police found two cannabis factories, one in two bedsits which had been knocked together at a house in Melville Road, Spon End, Coventry, and the other in a stable block in Napton, South Warwickshire.
From the moment a shocking preseason schedule was knocked together at the last minute to the surrender in Kiev, it has been a letdown for all Evertonians.
It looked like it had been knocked together in 10 minutes using a few old cornflake boxes and some wallpaper offcuts that have been hanging around the set since Emily Bishop last did her scullery.
The restaurant consists of three or four small Victorian rooms knocked together, with windows looking out over the river.
He made a fortune selling Thai silk to the West, after taking a sample to the editor of Vogue, and used the money to buy six traditional Thai houses, which he relocated to a canal-side site, knocked together and made his home.
It may not be too late, even now, for heads to be knocked together and for an agreement to be brokered.