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Over the past few months, churches and homes have been targeted not just in our district but across the country by thieves who have taken the valuable brass door bell and door knocker surrounds.
But when your bait runs headlong into serious captivity, it's time to send in the repoman of fishing--the lure knocker.
SFO, general restoration of the Heini knocker Ski jumping hill in Oberstdorf VE 5002 Outdoor equipment works in the overall ski area of the Heini - knocker Ski jumping hill partially in the uphill slopes of up to 35 .
A tongue-twister from the time tackled the issue: "We had a knocker-up, and our knocker-up had a knocker-up/ And our knocker-up's knocker-up didn't knock our knocker up/ So our knocker-up didn't knock us up 'cos he's not up.
KNOCKER UPPERS YOU needed one outstanding talent to be a knocker-up - the ability to get out of bed very early in the morning.
99 DOOR KNOCKER Ring door knocker, polished chrome, www.
Getting no answer, he knocked more vigorously and the door knocker came off in his hand.
Durham Cathedral's Sanctuary Knocker is placed at the centre of one entry.
One final observation on getting up with the lark in the old days: 'Who knocked the knocker up?
But there was still about eight a side playing when Knocker and I left the game.
Knobs and knocker duty involved polishing the school's old brass door knobs and door knockers.
CORNISH KNOCKER If you're getting in the swing for summer, then tap this crazy golden ale from Skinner's Brewery in Truro.