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He's been knocking around India tending to sick relatives for so long that we've almost forgotten what Dev looks like.
I suspect she's shipping out because she's now got a shed-load of cash and feels that as a "celebrity" she's way too good to be knocking around with those deadbeats.
There are plenty of theories knocking around as to why the superfluous apostrophe infuriatingly adorns an otherwise fitting name - the one about his dam being called Buck's is of course the most boring - but I think I've got it sussed.
She's been knocking around for a while having entered Pop Idol where she got knocked out in the third round.
But Bellway said it had resorted to knocking around 6% off the average prices in the final two months of its financial year to secure sales.
MATT GIDLEY and Ade Gardner must be one of the best centre-wing partnerships knocking around at the moment.
NO-FI's Lee Etherington, who is promoting the gig says: "Jeremy has been knocking around the fringes of the UK underground scene for the last few years and has become known for A Hawk and a Hacksaw.
Paxton (Jay Hernandez) and Josh (``Dumb and Dumberer's'' Derek Richardson) are two pals who have almost been having the time of their lives knocking around Western Europe.
The UK's largest power network operator, National Grid Transco, has forecast an improvement in its annual results, despite the weaker US dollar knocking around pounds 20 million off its earnings.
My insider revealed: "I first heard Peter's Insania in 1999 and have still got a copy of it knocking around.
Here's a name that's been knocking around for years--Virago.
There'll no doubt be a few former players knocking around as well.