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DESPITE knocking together a few peak-time beauties in recent years, the French pairing are still one of their country's bestkept secrets.
By combining a new belt design and reducing the nose bar diameter the chance of products becoming pinched, falling, sagging into the clearance space or accumulating and knocking together on dead plates is significantly reduced and therefore there is less wastage.
It was going out live and had the camera been on my knees they would have been a blur as they were knocking together like castanets.
Knocking together a book jampacked with mini-biographies of our sporting greats may be considered less of a feat these days when the internet continues to swamp us with information of variable quality.
A male club-winged manakin in Ecuador creates a series of seductive "tick tick tings" by knocking together his wings over his back, says Kimberly Bostwick of Cornell University.