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It might be about ten minutes too long (the middle never quite lives up to the engaging beginning or spectacular end), but Ratatouille still knocks spots off everything else I've seen this year.
And the Birmingham Mail knocks spots off the Manchester Evening News
It knocks spots off computer games for entertainment value.
The new series kicks off with a mystery guest who is described as a feisty East End beauty who knocks spots off the opposition and began her career advertising acne cream.
Even more amazing is that he shows no signs of aging, and consistently knocks spots off the younger brigade.
And once again it knocks spots off the rest of the day's other new releases.
Sorry, Dave, but the London stage show knocks spots off the film.
SEXY Coleen McLoughlin knocks spots off the opposition - as she reveals her new slimline figure.
OK, so it's hardly the most exciting capital city in Europe, but it sure knocks spots off some of the places where the Urdd has taken its eisteddfod.
To be honest the big KTM knocks spots off all of these with the exception of the Rally Raid and is the only one I would consider taking off road.
This pair have to be one of the most enjoyable detective duos on the box and, combined with some cracking scripts and production values reminiscent of Morse, the programme knocks spots off most of its rivals.