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Kelvin suggested that atoms of different elements were really different kinds of knotted vortices in the ether.
On average, the shear modulus was higher for the clear specimens than for knotted specimens.
Befuddled spectators find it difficult to distinguish between such phony tangles and truly knotted ropes.
Like a tightly knotted rope, a knotted polymer molecule is weakest and most likely to break adjacent to the knot.
Two new catalogs, produced independently, tabulate all knotted loops of a one-dimensional string having 16 or fewer crossings when the knot is laid flat.
Nonetheless, the mathematics of knots has proved useful in recent years for describing knotted polymer strands (SN: 11/16/96, p.
These tubular objects, in turn, serve as useful mathematical models of knotted DNA loops and polymer chains.